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    Online-Fotoservice: Athleten-Bilder von der TRIMOTION Saalfelden 2014 auf speedpic.com

Online-Fotoservice: Athleten-Bilder von der TRIMOTION Saalfelden 2014 auf speedpic.com

Alle Athletenbilder von der TRIMOTION Saalfelden 2014 zum Ansehen und Nachbestellen auf speedpic.com!

Der Fotograf Michael Rauschendorfer hat während des TRIMOTION Saalfelden Wochenende von allen Bewerben hunderte von Impressionen [...]

von |4. Juni 2014|Allgemein|

Bilder & Ergebnisse TRIMOTION SAALFELDEN 2014

Hier findet ihr alle Bilder & Ergebnisse der TRIMOTION SAALFELDEN 2014!
von |1. Juni 2014|Allgemein|
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    TRIMOTION SPEED: Bajai (HUN) gewinnt vor Erhardt (GER) und Prem (AUT)

TRIMOTION SPEED: Bajai (HUN) gewinnt vor Erhardt (GER) und Prem (AUT)

Pünktlich um 19.00 Uhr fiel heute der Startschuss zur diesjährigen TRIMOTION Saalfelden. Fünf eingeladene Athleten (Christoph und Andreas Prem, Philip Pertl, Julian Erhardt, Peter Bajai) traten beim TRIMOTION SPEED [...]

von |30. Mai 2014|Allgemein|
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    [toggle title="Allgemeines" open="yes"] The current rules of the Austrian Triathlon Association (Österreichischer Triathlon Verband; ÖTRV) shall apply. Even though only some of these rules will be listed below, of course the whole regulations shall apply and will be executed.
    Download ÖTRV regulations (Only available in German) All participants are jointly responsible for their timekeeping concerning split and finishing time. For timekeeping, the ChampionChip must be worn around the right ankle during the whole competition.Cycling and running with bare torso is not permitted.Race numbers may not be reduced in size nor altered in any manner. From the beginning of the check-in until the end of the check-out, transition areas may only be entered by registered participants, race officials, emergency and security services, as well as accredited media representatives. Non-cash prizes or gifts which are not collected on the day of the award ceremony are forfeited.[/toggle][toggle title="Swimming Conduct"] All athletes must wear the official event swim caps handed out by the organizers. Wetsuits are allowed. They are even mandatory if the water temperature is below 15° C.It is forbidden to wear race numbers when swimming! The wetsuit may only be taken off in the transition area.[/toggle][toggle title="Cycling Conduct"] Drafting is forbidden! Cycling without a helmet approved by a testing authority (TÜV, CE, SNEL, ANSI) is forbidden on the entire bike course. The chin strap must be closed as soon as the athlete is in possession of the bike. It must be securely fastened during the complete bike course and may only be opened in the transition area. The participants must wear their race numbers distinctly and visibly on their backs. The bike number provided by the organiser has to be fixed in a way that it can be easily read from both sides. The helmet-number must be stuck to the front of the helmet. Triathlon handlebars are allowed.Disqualification rules: If a race marshal catches an athlete drafting, he will issue a verbal warning by calling out the athlete’s race number and simultaneously showing a black card. The race marshal will not stop the athlete and can therefore impose a penalty on the whole bunch at once.FUN / TEAM: A 1-minute penalty will be added to the finishing time. 111: A 5-minute penalty has to be served in the penalty box.In general: An athlete will be disqualified after two warnings. The race marshal is entitled to disqualify an athlete immediately. Minimum 10 m distance to the athlete in front.Blocking Rule: If the athlete leaves the right lane for more than 20 seconds, he or she will be warned verbally by the race marshal. Leaving the right lane is only permitted for overtaking. As soon as the overtaking athlete passed with his front wheel, the overtaken athlete has to fall back 10 meters and may only then start an overtaking maneuver him/herself. Overtaking on the right hand side results in immediate disqualification.No protest is permitted against disqualification due to drafting or blocking.[/toggle][toggle title="Running Conduct"] The race number shall be legibly worn on the chest.It is not permitted to leave the course or to take short-cuts in order to gain an advantage. It is not permitted for athletes to accept assistance from other people or vehicles (including pacemakers) on the entire course.Athletes accepting outside assistance will be disqualified by race marshals showing the red card. [/toggle][toggle title="Appeals"] Appeals must be made in the race office in writing, using official ÖTRV forms only within one hour after the posting of the official results. A protest fee of €25 must be deposited.[/toggle][toggle title="Liability"] Neither the organiser nor their associates shall be held liable for accidents, injuries, thefts or damages to any persons or properties whatsoever.Upon registration, the participants (or their parents or legal guardians) confirm expressively to take part at their own risk.All participants (or their parents or legal guardians) are informed about health or other risks which may result from the competition. They will not file any claims against the organiser nor their associates.Upon registration, the participants agree to abide by the competitive rules of the ÖTRV’s sports regulations as well as its organisations regulations including any changes that may be made.[/toggle]">Gallery



TRIMOTION SPEED: Mit Puls 200 in den Ritzensee!
Der Startschuss ins Rennwochenende fällt am Freitag, den 30.Mai pünktlich um 19.00 Uhr. Das atemberaubende Sprint-Format fand beim Publikum einen so [...]

von |28. Mai 2014|Allgemein|

TRIMOTION Vereinsaktion 9plus1

Triathlon-Vereine aufgepasst! Der Winter neigt sich seinem endgültigen Ende zu und die Triathlon-Saison 2014 klopft bereits an die Tür. Nur noch knappe zwei Monate, dann macht die TRIMOTION von 30. […]
von |18. März 2014|Allgemein|

Das sind die TRIMOTION Botschafter 2014!

Einen Monat nach unserem Aufruf, sich zu bewerben, freuen wir uns sehr, die acht nominierten Botschafter (zwei Frauen und sechs Männer) nun offiziell vorzustellen. Die Aktion wurde als partnerschaftliches Geben […]
von |11. März 2014|Allgemein|
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    1 km Schwimmen + 100 km Radfahren + 10 km Laufen = TRIMOTION 111

1 km Schwimmen + 100 km Radfahren + 10 km Laufen = TRIMOTION 111

Die TRIMOTION 111 wurde konzipiert, um eine längst fällige Abwechslung zu den gängigen Formaten von Triathlon-Bewerben zu schaffen. Die sportlichen Aspekte wurden mit den bewährte Attributen der TRIMOTION Bewerbe – […]
von |26. Februar 2014|Allgemein|

TRIMOTION Botschafter werden

TRIMOTION BOTSCHAFTER WERDEN TRIMOTION – Just Wow – so lautet der Slogan des heimischen Triathlonveranstalters mit den Formaten 111, 55.5, SPEED usw. in Saalfelden und Attersee-Salzkammergut. Dass der Athlet im […]
von |10. Februar 2014|Allgemein|


Der Triathlon am Ritzensee in Saalfelden und der am Attersee werden 2014 enger zusammenwachsen. Während der Bewerb schon seit Beginn unter dem Namen TRIMOTION bekannt ist, wird am 14. September 2014 der Triathlon Attersee-Salzkammergut unter dem Label TRIMOTION veranstaltet.
von |14. Oktober 2013|Allgemein|

Alle Fotos 2013 auf einen Blick

Hier gibt's alle Fotos zu den Bewerben ..
von |1. Juni 2013|Allgemein|