At the eleventh TRIMOTION, the entire route will be blocked off to all public transport for the very first time. Obviously this is great news for all the athletes and should make the competition much safer.

Regulations imposed by public authorities have made this measure necessary. It is almost impossible to block a main road for such a long period of time, which is why we were forced to change the route for the races.

The main elements of the route will stay the same; the circuit has only been shortened from 25 km to just under 17 km. Of course, the number of laps will also change for the competitions. For the 111 distance, 6 laps will now have to be completed and for the 55.5 distance, 3 laps.

In addition to the road block, the overall effect on slipstreaming will also be positive, as this will be even less important and thus ensure a fairer race. The spectators will also see more of their athletes now, so can cheer them on even more. Despite the road block, we would like to remind all those participating that the road traffic regulations still apply.

A few tips for the new route:

  • Hill climbing gear ratios must be set
  • Practice high altitudes – the cumulative elevation gain to be completed on a lap is 245 metres
  • Conserving your energy is paramount for you to be able to keep up the pace on the final lap

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