Direct online registration via PENTEK payment (direct debit, bank transfer or credit card – Visa or Mastercard – accepted) until 20th May 2018. Late registration is only possible in the accreditation office on the event area at Schloss Ritzen and until the maximum number of participants is reached.

Entry Fee Refund
It is a special experience to take part in the TRIMOTION, but what if something unexpected happens before the start? As your hosts, we recommend to take out an insurance policy covering the refund of the entry-fee. This can be done when registering via Pentek payment. After booking is completed, you will receive an email with all details regarding insurance coverage and procedures in case of emergency. A refund direct from the organizer is not possible.

The accreditation office is located in Ritzen Castle.
Opening hours:

Friday, 31st May 20192 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday, 1st June 20198 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.
Sunday, 2nd June 20198 a.m. – 10.30 a.m.

Race packet
The race packet contains everything needed for the start (race numbers, swim caps, safety pins etc.) as well as detailed information on the course marking and security, emergency services on site, food provision during and after the competition, finisher-medals, chip-timekeeping, and gifts from our sponsors.

The entry-fee additionally covers both catering at the finish line and free admission to the energy party on Saturday.

PENTEK timing with ChampionChip. In case a participant does not bring an own chip, he or she must purchase a rent chip for €5 rental fee at Accreditation office, where the race numbers are distributed. Hook-and-loop tapes can be optionally obtained for €2. Rental Chips has to returned at the finish or at the athletes’ area.

No timekeeping without a chip!

Chip return:
 Saturday, 3 p.m. – 8 p.m. at the athletes’ area Ritzenseebad / Injoy

Start / Finish / Transition Area
The start is at Lake Ritzensee. The competitors start from the water. There is a transition area. The finish is also found at the public bathing area at Lake Ritzensee.

Please check competition details for check-in and check-out times on our website. Please note the time restrictions: Bikes and utensils will be removed from the transition area after these times and the organizers will not take any responsibility.

Race briefing
The race briefing is mandatory for every starter. It is held in the party tent. For the exact schedule of each competition, please check our website.
Race Number Check
The race number has to be fixed on the back when cycling and on the front when running. The race number and the sponsors must be readable from a distance and must not be changed. Safety pins are available from the Accreditation office.

Race number belts may only be worn as long as the number and the sponsors are still legible.

Aid Stations
Aid stations along the run course and in the finish area provide the athletes with plenty of adequate food and liquid.

Provision to the athletes by coaches is not permitted and results in disqualification!

First Aid
In an emergency please proceed to the next race marshal or volunteer. Medical assistance will be with you immediately. Please remain at the point from where the medical team was called.

Please remain at the point from where the medical team was called.

Award Ceremony
The award ceremonies are held in the party tent at Lake Ritzensee:

TRIMOTION SPEEDFriday, 31st May 2019 from 8 p.m.
TRIMOTION 111 / 55.5 / FUN TEAMSaturday, 1st June 2019 from 8 p.m.
TRIMOTION KIDSSunday, 2nd June 2019 from 1 p.m.

Prizes and Categories
TRIMOTION 111 / 55.5 / FUN TEAM / KIDS1st, 2nd, and 3rd position of every category receive a trophy.

All participants receive a finisher T-shirt! (111, 55.5, FUN Team)

TRIMOTION 111 prize money

Men1st place € 300,- 2nd place € 200,- 3rd place € 100,-
Woman 1st place € 300,- 2nd place € 200,-


Juniors (JUN)18 + 19 years
Under 23 (U23)18-23 years
Elite I (EK I)24-29 years
Elite II (EK II)30-39 years
Master 40 (MK 40)40-49 years
Master 50 (MK 50)50-59 years
Master 60 (MK 60)60 and older


Juniors (JUN)18 + 19 years
Under 23 (U23)20-23 years
Elite I (EK I)24-29 years
Elite II (EK II)30-39 years
Master 40 (MK 40)40-49 years
Master 50 (MK 50)50-59 years
Master 60 (MK 60)60 and older


Mixed / Male / Female

Race Office
Our race office is located in the starting house of the cross-country skiing centre at Ritzensee.
Showers / Toilets / Massage
Plenty of sanitary facilities are available. There are showers and toilets in the starting house of the cross-country skiing centre as well as within the Ritzensee public swimming premises. Additionally, there are showers at the athletes’ area at Lake Ritzensee / Injoy.
Additional conditions TRIMOTION 111
Cut-Off Times

Swim35 min
Swim +Bike4 h 35 min or finishing the fifth cycling round before 4.50 p.m. respectively
Total7 h

Clothes service
You can hand in the clothes which you require before the start or after the competition at a collecting point in the transition area (from 10.30 a.m to 12.30 p.m.!).

Conditions of Participation
In participating in the TRIMOTION triathlon the participants accept the organizers’ exclusion of liability for any damages. The participants will not pursue legal action against the organizers or the sponsors of the competition, the neighboring municipalities, proprietors of private roads or their representative due to damages or injuries of any kind, which may result from my participation in the competition. The participants declare that they are sufficiently trained to participate in the competition and that they are in good health.

The participants are insured against third-party risk and agree that the personal data submitted in their registration, pictures, video shootings and interviews may be used in broadcast, television, advertisements or books without any restrictions and without compensation. The participants confirm that their year of birth is correct and they will not pass on their race number to any other person. The participant is aware that they will be disqualified if they alters their official race number in any way, particularly they hide or make the sponsors’ printings illegible, or they are accompanied by persons on bicycles or similar.

If the triathlon must be cancelled due to force majeure (floods, storms, etc.), the entry fee will not be refunded. If a registered athlete does not start, the entry fee will not be refunded either.